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We will be forming teams the first week of February and players should be contacted by their coaches by mid-February.

The waiting list is now closed as well.

Please check back in July (2018) for our Fall Ball League sign-ups.

Please check back between November (2018) to January (2019) for registration for the Spring 2019 season.

Registration Fees

T-Ball / Machine Pitch - $95

Minors / Majors / Intermediate / Juniors - $115

Changes in 2018

Our board works hard to create the right environment for our kids to grow into great players.  We strive to put each of our players in a position that maximizes development, improves skills, increases passion and provides the best opportunities for success.  For these reasons, we are changing the ages for each division as follows:

Ages 4-6:        T-Ball
Ages 6-8:         Machine Pitch
Ages 8-10:      Minors
Ages 10-12:   Majors 
Ages 12-13:   Intermediate
Ages 13-14:   Juniors
Where ages overlap divisions, most kids will stay down in the lower division.  Only a few, based on level of development, will be drafted up into the higher division.  This provides room for excellent players to be challenged and younger players to shine.
The biggest change is that 11 year old players will no longer be play in the Minors or Intermediate Divisions.  We believe these changes will:
  • Provide the opportunity for more players to begin to develop as pitchers from a younger age.   
  • Will provide a higher level of safety and better opportunities for success for kids who are transitioning out of machine pitch and into Minors (kid pitch) for the first time.  For example, 11 year-olds will no longer be pitching against 8 year olds.
  • Will create a Minors Division that can be highly focused on fundamentals and skills development.
  • Create more competitive, higher skilled Majors and Intermediate divisions that can compete better with out of County teams.
  • Improve development of 11 year old players.